Most of the precinct is included on the State Heritage Register which provides a foundation for exciting social infrastructure to be built alongside new residential, commercial and retail spaces. 

Parramatta North Precinct Artist Illustration
Image Of the Parramatta North Heritage with the clock tower overlooking the Female Factory

Parramatta North development

Development includes new apartment units, new commercial floor space and retail space.

The North Parramatta precinct lies north of the Parramatta CBD and is situated along the eastern foreshore of the Parramatta River opposite Westmead Hospital and Parramatta Park.

The rezoning of land in Parramatta North in 2015 saw changes to land use, building height, and the floor space ratio (FSR), paving the way for redevelopment.

The rezoning allows for the following development in Parramatta North:

  • 2800 new apartment units
  • 20,000 square metres of new commercial floor space
  • Around 4000 square metres of retail floor space

Heritage buildings will be preserved and adapted as part of the redevelopment.

About 7.1 hectares of new public open space will be developed, including a new river foreshore park.

Image of the public picnic block at the back of the Female Factory in the North Parramatta Heritage core. The block is lined with awnings and gardens overlooking a wooded riverbank

Parramatta North Heritage

Much of the precinct is included on the State Heritage Register

Parramatta North Historic Sites (PNHS) are places of exceptional heritage significance to Parramatta, the people of New South Wales and Australia. 

The PHNS consists of three separate sites that are next to each other. The sites include:

  • Cumberland Hospital (East Campus) site
  • Parramatta Gaol site
  • Norma Parker Centre and Kamballa site

The Heritage Council of NSW endorsed the Parramatta North Historic Sites Consolidated Conservation Management Plan (the PNHS CMP) in 2017. 

The PNHS CMP will help current and future owners, managers and other site users with the ongoing management of the heritage values of the precinct. 

All future development in Parramatta North must comply with the principles, policies and guidelines contained in the PNHS CMP.

Download the PNHS CMP from the City of Parramatta website.

Heritage Core

More information From Urban Growth NSW

While the City of Parramatta Council is the planning authority for the precinct, UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation is the NSW Government agency responsible for coordinating the redevelopment and transformation of the Parramatta North development precinct. 

Enquiries related to future ownership and management of the site can be lodged on the UrbanGrowth NSW website. 

Urban Growth NSW