Healthcare is one of Australia's fastest growing industries and its epicentre is in the heart of Westmead.


Healthcare is one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing industries.

The Westmead precinct is Australia’s largest health and biomedical research precinct. It has:

  • Four hospitals
  • Two universities
  • Two large research institutes
  • NSW’s largest pathology service 
  • Many allied health centres 

Sydney University and Western Sydney University both have campuses at Westmead. Students are studying on campus, or researching or undertaking a clinical placement at one of Westmead’s research institutes or its teaching hospitals.  

The Westmead health precinct services Western Sydney. It also provides specialised services for the rest of New South Wales. 
The health sector is expected to grow from 18,000 jobs in 2016 to 50,000 full-time jobs by 2036. 

To carefully manage Westmead’s forecasted growth, the City of Parramatta Council is working with the NSW Government, including NSW Health, and other alliances to realise our vision for Westmead to become a world-class innovation precinct in health and education.

Architectural rendering of the entrance of the new Westmead Hospital. Illustrated are doctors, patients and residents moving throughout the leafy green pathways as well as vehicular access for urgent medical attention.

Westmead Precinct Alliance Partners Include:

  • Western Sydney Local Health District
  • The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  • Westmead Private, Westmead
  • Institute for Medical Research
  • The Children’s Medical Research Institute
  • The University of Sydney
  • Western Sydney University
  • Cumberland Council
  • Sydney Business Chamber

Westmead Innovation District Master Plan

With NSW Health, the City of Parramatta Council jointly commissioned the Westmead Innovation District Master Plan project. The project includes aspirational targets for jobs and tertiary students, driven by the significant government investment planned for the area. The Westmead Innovation District Master Plan project will feed into the DP&E’s Planned Precinct process.

    Planning for growth in Westmead

    With Westmead forecasted to have as many jobs in 2036 as there currently are in the Parramatta CBD today, we are advocating for the necessary infrastructure to support the city’s growth. In November 2017, the NSW Government’s Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) announced Westmead as a ‘Planned Precinct’ with two distinct areas:

    1. The health and education area — north of the rail line and within the City of Parramatta Council area.
    2. The residential area — south of the rail line and within the Cumberland Council area. Learn more about the DP&E’s Planned Precinct process for Westmead or contact Council’s Land Use Planning team on 9806 5050.

    Learn more about the DP&E’s Planned Precinct process for Westmead or contact Council’s Land Use Planning team on 9806 5050.

    An image of Westmead hospital taken from the air illustrating the growing precinct gaining recognition for excellence in medical research

    Westmead Alliance

    The City of Parramatta is a member of the Westmead Alliance which is committed to developing a future vision for the Westmead precinct.

    The City plays a key support role by providing secretariat and planning services for the group. At present, the Westmead Alliance is overseeing the Westmead Innovation District Master Plan project. 

    Current & Future Public Transport in Westmead

    Well-connected to existing public transport, it takes less than three minutes to reach Westmead by train from Parramatta. 

    The NSW Government has committed to building a new underground metro station at Westmead as part of the Sydney Metro West project. The new station will support the health, research and education precinct. It will connect Sydney to Westmead in as little as 20 minutes. 

    The Parramatta Light Rail project is underway. The first stage will run 12km from Westmead, via Parramatta North and the  Parramatta CBD, through to Carlingford. The light rail project will improve access around the Westmead precinct. It is scheduled to start operating in 2023. 

    Learn more about the Parramatta Light Rail And Sydney Metro West

    Learn more about Westmead Health

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