Parramatta Sectors

Parramatta’s $27-billion-dollar economy is thriving and its rate of economic growth is forecast to double by 2021. The continued rise and growth of the financial and professional services, health care, education, and government sectors coupled with strong performances in wholesale and retail trade and tourism is bringing even more opportunities to the City for investors, developers and businesses than ever before.  


The NSW Government will relocate more than 4200 public service roles from the Sydney CBD to Western Sydney by 2021 as part of its ‘Decade of Decentralisation’ initiative. More than 1800 public sector roles have already relocated since 2011.


Parramatta’s Legal Services industry has the highest concentration of law courts and jobs outside the Sydney CBD. There are more than 1000 legal professionals practising in the City of Parramatta.


The City of Parramatta’s retail trade sector is worth $1.3 billion. It employed 10,560 workers in 2017–18. Parramatta is already a major retail destination with more than 200,000 square metres in retail floor space.


Parramatta is an ideal place for a small business startup. The combination of steady population growth, a thriving CBD and increased investment from government, means Parramatta offers small businesses the right environment for success.


The accommodation and tourism sector in the City of Parramatta is thriving. Demand for accommodation is increasing annually. Since 2011, overnight stays have almost doubled to more than 5 million in 2017-18.