Think Big, Think Parramatta

With a $31 billion dollar economy, an average 3% annual growth in Gross Regional Product, a population expected to reach 487,000 by 2041 and $20 billion in public, private and institutional investment, Corporate Business, Development and Small Business sectors are planting a firm foundation in Parramatta.

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Be A Part Of Parramatta’s Growth

An Urban Transformation Unrivalled In Australia

Parramatta is already an economic powerhouse. Its $31 billion GRP annual economy is Australia’s third-largest behind Sydney and Melbourne. 

Economic indicators point to continued growth while the population is expected to continue to grow at an average annual change of 2.97%.

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Architects rendering of what the City of Parramatta Skyline will look like when current DA and Design Competitions have been built out.

Half Price Corporate Office Space

Businesses Have Less General Costs In Parramatta

Over the next four years, Parramatta will become a $1 million square metre CBD. At an average $520 per square metre, office space in Parramatta is almost half the price in the Sydney CBD where it costs $1030 per square metre.

It's a compelling narrative for executives to consider expanding in or relocating to Parramatta. 

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Architects Rendering of what the new Parramatta Light Rail will look like as a train heads west down Macquarie Street about to turn right down Church Street
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For Two Million Workers It's A 30-Minute Commute 

Connecting Workers to Workplaces More Quickly And Easily

New residential developments, a new state-of-the-art transport interchange, Light Rail and Sydney Metro West have created a network that links two million people to the Parramatta CBD within a 30-minute commute. 

Since it's an easy commute for more than half of the Greater Sydney population it becomes a compelling economic case for establishing, relocating or expanding in Parramatta.

Rail Projects & Western Sydney Aerotropolis
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Local, Diverse, Professional Talent

Younger, More Professional, Corporate

Parramatta’s workforce is becoming increasingly more professional with 60% now working in professional, administrative or management roles. The population is expected to grow from 250,000 to 400,000 by 2036 becoming home to more young families and urban professionals.

This diverse workforce will become younger, more professional and corporate presenting business with a rich pool of qualified, experienced and educated local professionals who prefer to work close to home. 

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Economic Powerhouse

Economically, Parramatta is already a powerhouse. Its economy is valued at $31 billion annually and is Australia’s 3rd largest behind Sydney and Melbourne.

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Looking to move your business to Parramatta?

Whether you’re looking at relocating your office or setting up a new office, Parramatta is a strategic choice for your clients and employees. For more information, please submit an enquiry.

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